10 Best Daisy Birthday Ideas

Throwing a memorable birthday party for your little one is all about the details. And if you're looking to create a truly stunning celebration, check out the trendiest party theme of 2024 - Daisy themed birthday parties! 

You can throw a daisy themed birthday party or use these adorable daisy birthday decorations for another party theme, like a groovy 70’s party, or even a wildflower themed party.

Daisy Birthday Backdrop

Everyone's eyes will go straight to the party backdrop at any birthday party. A Daisy party is easy to decorate for with all of the fun & trendy daisy party decorations around right now. To create a striking backdrop, I prefer using these party curtains, which come in various vibrant colors at our party store..  Instead of hiring a balloon decorator, you can opt for a balloon garland kit and effortlessly craft a stunning Instagram-worthy balloon garland yourself, all at half the cost We even have this adorable daisy balloon garland, and this daisy balloon kit!

We also just received these super cool DIY daisy balloon column kit! Check it out here.



You’ll also want to grab a banner or garland that ties your birthday theme together. We have tons of adorable party banners that would be perfect for a flower power daisy party.  Here are some options!



Daisy Birthday Table

Setting the table is one of my favorite parts of decorating for a party. For a daisy birthday party you can use a white or yellow tablecloth like our Pretty Day eco friendly paper tablecloths. Sometimes i like to layer these paper tablecloths to add dimension to my table, or I’ll add a fun table runner. Some of my favorites are this faux grass table runner & this checkered table runner. Then you can grab some daisy paper plates.  We have so many amazing options for paper plates that work for a daisy party so definitely check out the entire collection. My personal favorite party plates are these cute Meri meri daisy plates. From there you can grab some paper napkins that coordinate with the colors of your party.




Daisy Confetti

Confetti always elevates a DIY birthday party and gives them a professional party look. Our party boutique has a few options for daisy themed confetti.

Daisy Birthday Cake

Pop your birthday cake on one of these cute acrylic cake stands. You migh want to check out some of these super cute daisy cake toppers we have here at pretty day. These cake toppers make it easy to tie together any theme with a basic DIY birthday cake. You’ll also have to grab these daisy birthday candles!

Daisy Party Favors

I usually use these cute jelly bags as party favors for most birthday parties I throw.  I love that they’re cute and reusable, so the kiddos can have a tiny purse to carry around forever.  Pretty Day also carries some super cute paper daisy party bags, like these!  I would grab some daisy nail stickers, patches and click pens to include in these party favors.

Daisy Birthday Gifts

I had to include some of my most favorite birthday gifts we have here at Pretty Day.  You can treat the birthday girl to a cute daisy themed gift!! 


With these creative ideas, your daisy themed party is sure to be a hit! Get ready for a day filled with laughter, joy, and the beauty of daisies everywhere you look. So put on your party planning hat and let's get decorating!

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