15 Best Ideas For Dinosaur Themed Party

Jump into the prehistoric world of party planning with Pretty Day party supplies and decorations store! If you're looking for the most "roar-some" dinosaur-themed birthday party decorations, you've stomped into the right place! From dino eggs to T-Rex tails, we have the dino-mite decor to make your little ones 'rawr' with glee. Invite your party guests on a legendary adventure they will never forget. Here are 15 dinosaur birthday party ideas to take your party from extinct to exciting.

Dinosaur Party Ideas By Pretty Day Party Supplies

Dinosaur Birthday Invitation

Feeling crafty? Set the stage for your dinosaur party theme with the perfect invitations. Prepare your guests to enter a Jurassic journey world where T-Rexes roam, and every party favor is a piece of a bigger adventure. Whether you cut out shapes using construction paper in earthy hues or shop rawr-riffic designs on Etsy, send out party invitations that promise prehistoric fun.

Dinosaur Balloons and Banners

Dinosaur themed ballon garland

Create an immersive experience for the birthday boy or girl with dinosaur balloons and banners. Whether a towering T-Rex balloon, a dark and looming dino banner, or a wonderful leafy balloon arch fit for a safari, our selection of dinosaur party ideas are not just add-ons, they're a passport to an era long gone.

Dinosaur Centerpieces

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but their aesthetic appeal survives. Make your dino party a memorable escapade through time with fun, flashy centrepieces that carry your dinosaur theme. From younger children to older kids to grown adults, no one can resist a good centrepiece. Plop a dino egg in the centre of the food table or display this beautiful balloon bouquet in emerald green by the gifts.

Dino-Inspired Plates, Cups & Napkins

Dinosaur plate, cup and napkin

Feast like a Brachiosaurus with our dino-inspired cups, plates, and napkins! Each one is a colourful, 3D celebration of a simpler time, making every bite and sip a part of the adventure. Serve your dinosaur party food on enchanting small plates with napkins to match. When refreshers are needed, keep your explorers hydrated with these fun T-Rex cups where the dinosaur pops off the glass with every pour and sip. Blending fantasy with functionality, let's bring a wild touch to your snack table.

Roaring Good Party Bags and Favors

Dinosaur Meri Meri Bag

Bid farewell to your guests with dinosaur party favors that keep the dino-mania alive! These roaring good party bags from Meri-Meri can be filled with miniature dinosaur toys, eggs, and other prehistoric treasures. Ensure the memories last longer than a fossil with mementos of an unforgettable dinosaur-themed birthday party.

Dinosaur Party Masks and Hats

Dinosaur masks

Step into dinosaur footprints with the masks and hats to match. These playful hats from Meri-Meri will transform your little guests into explorers of the prehistoric world. Whether a T-Rex or a Triceratops, each wearable accessory will be a ticket to a wild adventure of imagination.

Dino Tattoos

Dinosaur Party Tattoos

Embrace your inner dinosaur with our glow-in-the-dark, temporary dino tattoos! Bright, safe, and full of fossil fun, guests can enjoy this wearable art during your dinosaur party game or take it home as a memento of a dino-mite time. Simple to apply and remove, your dino enthusiasts can pick from 44 different designs, ensuring everyone can channel their inner roar.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt Activity

Dino eggs for party game

Ready for a T-reffic party game? Plan an easter egg hunt, dino style! Thrilling for kids of all ages, these dinosaur egg-shaped beeswax crayons are the perfect prop for your prehistoric hunt. Hide the dino eggs around your party space, and send your guests on a quest to find them. More than just a T-Rex party game, this activity is a journey back in time, making your birthday party a thrilling expedition.

Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches and Snacks

Dinosaur cookie cutter

Delight your guests with dinosaur-shaped party food! From dinosaur cookies and sandwiches shaped like long necks to Easter egg candies that double as dinosaur eggs, these creative edibles are not only delicious but also bring the theme to life. Each bite is a playful nod to the mighty creatures of the past, adding an extra layer of fun to your food table.

Choosing the Perfect Dinosaur Cake Design

On the hunt for fun cake ideas? The centrepiece of any dinosaur-themed birthday party is undoubtedly the cake. Whether you choose a simple cake decked out with these cute dino candles or top cupcakes with these mini pastel toppers, the kids will roar louder than a dinosaur when they bite into these desserts. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can experiment with a volcano cake, topped with dinosaur bones and footprints—the perfect addition to any explosive dessert table.

Dinosaur Cake Topper

Dinosaur Topper

Crown your cake with these timeless dinosaur cake toppers! From ferocious carnivores to gentle giants, our toppers turn any cake into a prehistoric masterpiece. They're the cherry on top of your dinosaur-themed birthday party, ensuring even the sweetest part of your celebration is in sync with your dino party theme.

Dino Cupcakes and Cookies

End your party on a sweet note with dinosaur cookies and cupcakes. These yummy treats, decorated with dinosaur motifs and earthy hues, are perfect for little ones to grab and enjoy. Use this illustrated set of cupcake toppers and liners by Meri-Meri to add that final touch of enchantment to your dino party.


How Can You Make Your Dinosaur Party More Memorable

Make your party all the more memorable with dino-themed party supplies and decorations. From enormous dino balloons to real plants and engaging party games, you can create lasting memories for all your guests.

How To Plan a Dinosaur Birthday Party

Start by choosing a theme. Does the birthday boy or girl have a favourite type of dinosaur? Or is every breed welcome to join the party? Then decide on a dino-centric colour theme and find decorations and supplies to match. At Pretty Day, we have all our dino decorations stored in one place. So you can browse and buy with your specific theme in mind.

What type of food do you serve at a dinosaur party

Serve dinosaur-shaped sandwiches, fruit skewers (aka 'dino spears'), 'prehistoric' chicken nuggets, and a volcano cake to keep the theme alive and appetizing.

What kind of music is appropriate for a dinosaur-themed party

Play adventurous and lively instrumental music, like movie soundtracks from famous dinosaur films or jungle-themed tunes, to create an immersive prehistoric atmosphere.

What is the best game for kids at a birthday party

A dinosaur egg hunt or a T-Rex spoon race are perfect games, combining fun, physical activity, and theme engagement, ensuring entertainment for kids of all ages.

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