25 Day Christmas Activity Countdown For Families

25 Day Christmas Activity Countdown For Families - Paper & Parties


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This holiday season, things are quite a bit different. With COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns in place, Canadian families are struggling to find safe and festive activities to do over the holiday break. Family traditions are something we hold most dear and many young families are just getting into the swing of forming their own annual traditions. This disruption of traditions is tough for everyone and pivoting from our regular holiday activities can be really challenging.

While we may not be able to celebrate in the ways we have in years past, there are still many exciting opportunities to create lasting magical memories this Christmas. We’ve compiled a list of activities that you can safely do with your little ones. Some of these kid-friendly are at home activities and others are safe activities that you can do outside of the home. 

This list of 25 days of physically distanced Christmas activities is perfect for families with younger kids. Many of the activities cost virtually nothing and require limited supplies. We’ve done our best to consider activities that will be enjoyable for the whole family!

We hope you enjoy these family centered activities and find new, creative traditions to celebrate this holiday season. From everyone here at Paper & Parties, we wish you a safe and Merry Christmas!

  1. Make a Christmas paper chain or popcorn garland
  2. Decorate a gingerbread house
  3. Decorate cookies
  4. Make fake snow using baking soda and shaving cream. Play with figurines in it
  5. Put a mattress on the floor in the living room and have a special movie night in Christmas jammies
  6. Make hot cocoa and marshmallows from scratch
  7. Pick some toys on Amazon and mail them directly to a local toy drive
  8. Have a Christmas song freeze dance party
  9. Have a fun bath with red and green glow sticks
  10. Make coffee filter snowflakes
  11. Grab some hot chocolate and drive around looking at lights in your area.  Make a scavenger hunt out of it for some added fun
  12. Play play dough using your Christmas cookie cutters
  13. Have an indoor snowball fight with pom poms or styrofoam balls
  14. Hide Christmas items like extra Christmas baubles around the house and get the kids to find them
  15. Make a paper booklet and get the kids to draw a Christmas story. You write the words after. 
  16. Play a good ole fashion game of “keep the balloon up”. Red and green style
  17. Make an ornament for the tree
  18. Record the kids doing a Christmas play that you narrate from a book and they act out. Dress up for added fun.
  19. Take “sleigh rides” around the house using a laundry basket or blanket to pull them.
  20. Play Pictionary Christmas style
  21. Harvest some greenery from your yard and make a wreath or Christmas garland
  22. Start a family puzzle. A great project to work on through the whole break
  23. Have a video chat ugly sweater party with family members. A great way for the kids to interact with family they haven’t seen in a while
  24. Build a snow fort outside in the backyard! (If you’re lucky enough to get some snow!)
  25. Share a favourite Christmas movie from your childhood, with your children. Bring some nostalgic fun to your holiday season

We hope you have found this list of Christmas activities helpful and inspiring! If you put this list into action, don’t forget to tag us on social media, @paperandparties !

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25 Day Christmas Activity Countdown For Families - Paper & Parties
25 Day Christmas Activity Countdown For Families - Paper & Parties

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