Austin's Two-Rex Birthday Party!

Plan A Wild Two Rex Birthday Celebration!

When it comes to planning parties, boys are sure different than girls. Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see pages and pages of beautiful pastel girls parties. It seems like when it comes to stylish parties, boys often get the short end of the stick. This is so silly since there are actually so many great party themes for boys.

When we had Austin, I was immediately thinking about ideas for future boys birthday parties. As a self-proclaimed celebrationist, I was up for the challenge of creating parties that would be both Instagram-worthy and memorable for a rambunctious two year old.

This year, Austin wanted to have a dinosaur party. Challenge accepted! I set out to think of ways to add a touch of style to this classic party theme. Luckily Meri Meri has come out with an adorable new Dinosaur Collection. The watercolor illustrations are so cute for mom and cool for the kiddos. The 3D T-Rex cups are a total showstopper and the oversized dinosaur plates are totally perfect for serving snacks.

We created a Custom Balloon Garland and added in a Meri Meri Tropical Leaf Garland to give it a tropical jungle vibe. Not only is the balloon garland an easy way to dress up your dessert table, it is also the perfect backdrop for photos.

Icing Baked Goods created incredible hand painted dinosaur cookies. They fit the theme perfectly! If you’re doing cupcakes instead of cookies, the Dinosaur Cupcake Kit is the perfect way to dress up even plain cupcakes.

You can also never go wrong with a custom banner and a cake topper. I love the TWO REX option for the banner but you can also order a customized banner with your own saying. A simple two cake topper can be a classy way to dress up a simple naked cake.

When it comes down to it, you can plan the most exquisitely stylish kids party and that two year old boy is just going to run around with cake on his face. That’s why I always say, plan an adorable party but keep in mind that it should be fun and should also reflect what your child actually loves. That’s why we love offering partyware that both mom and child will love.

Michelle xo

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