Candy Free Advent Calendar Ideas!

Wooden Advent Calendars

It's so easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  The endless consuming of advertisements, sales, holiday themed drinks...  I could go on. 

 It seems everywhere we turn, there is more to buy or add to a Christmas list!

So this year, we are trying to SLOW DOWN, and make some meaningful memories with our families. We want you to make magical moments, too

My kids love rushing to the kitchen to open up their chocolate advent calendar every morning each December but I wanted to make it about more then the instant gratification of a cheap candy.  This year I decided to go with a candy free advent calendar, and to create meaningful moments rather than an early morning sugar rush.

Here is a list of my favorite family friendly, candy free advent calendars for 2022!

1. Meri Meri Wooden Dog Advent Calendar

Each day open the cardboard tray and reveal a cute puppy to add to a Christmas scene! This one is a great dog lovers advent calendar!

meri meri wooden dog advent calendar

2. Meri Meri Santa's House Paper Pop Up Advent Calendar

This is my personal favorite advent calendar this year! That's because it is SIMPLE! Each day open a window and reveal a cute drawing.  Add this to your other advent calendar routine or as a stand alone family activity.  This is a great minimalistic advent calendar idea!

Meri Meri paper advent calendar

3. Meri Meri Winter Ballerina Advent Calendar

This stunning Ballet Advent Calendar is perfect for the dance lovers in your life! Open a door each day to reveal an adorable ballet charm!

Meri Meri ballet advent calendar

4. Meri Meri Wooden Dinosaur Advent Calendar

This stunning wooden advent calendar checks all the boxes! Dinosaurs? Check. Aesthetic wooden figures? Check. Fun to play with? Check! This is the best advent calendar for a dinosaur lover! Grab this cute dinosaur advent calendar here.

meri meri dinosaur advent calendar

5. Meri Meri Nutcracker Ballet Advent Calendar

This beautifully designed paper advent calendar is really special! This nutcracker advent calendar is not only a fun Christmas countdown, but also a fun Christmas activity for the kids!

Each day open a cardboard box to reveal props & scene changes for your very own nutcracker play! A truly special and fun experience for you and your kids this holiday season.  

meri meri nutcracker ballet advent calendar

6. Meri Meri Wooden Train Advent Calendar

TOOT TOOT! Tons of Christmas fun coming through! You and your kids will love the nostalgic vibes of this cute wooden advent calendar! This is the perfect train advent calendar to create lasting memories and traditions. Grab it here!

Train advent calendar

7. Meri Meri Hair Accessory Suitcase Avent Calendar

Skip the candy for this years Christmas Countdown, and get this adorable fashion advent calendar! Open the suitcase each day to reveal a stylish hair accessory! 

meri meri advent calendar


Don't stop there! Check out some of other great holiday ideas here.

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