Christmas Decor Ideas - Bottle Brush Trees

This year color is back! At Pretty Day, we are lovers of all things bright and colorful! That's why we are happy to see colors coming back into our Christmas decorations!  Gone are the days of browns and beiges, and in are the greens and reds! 

One of our favorite trending holiday decorations this year, are bottle brush trees! 

bottle brush trees

We all love to follow the trends, but do we know how to beautifully style these cute bottle brush trees in our houses? Follow along for some easy bottle brush tree styling tips!

rainbow bottle brush trees

Buy multiple styles of trees in varying colors and sizes.  Creating dimension is important when building a bottle brush tree forest.
Bottle brush trees make a stunning table centerpiece, seen here styled by

bottle brush trees

Another way to style these stunning bottle brush trees is by placing them on your mantle! See here by

bottle brush trees

If you only have a few bottle brush trees, style them by placing them in small groups with other Christmas decor!

Start your own collection of bottle brush trees this year!

Check out our collection of bottle brush trees here!

 For more Christmas styling tips visit our party blog!


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