Coachella Party Ideas for Kids!

Let's plan a Coachella birthday party for kids! Coachella or KIDchella has been a super popular theme this past year.  We absolutely love the muted by vibrant colors, boho vibes and warm desert feel! 

Coachella party theme


Every party needs a fabulous backdrop! Layer tassel fringe curtains to create a beautiful & bright backdrop. Add a coordinating custom balloon garland with our custom balloon garland kit! Next, choose a garland to string across the back of our Coachella backdrop. You can use something cute like these hanging cactus's or this boho rainbow garland, or grab a custom glitter banner for something more personal! 


These cute jumbo mylar balloons are a great way to accessorize a Coachella themed party. Grab a daisy, a sunshine or even a cute cactus! 

Table Setting

Next, let's set the table! Start with a solid table cloth to coordinate with your party colors. These paper table cloths come in 6 perfect colors & are eco friendly! Cactus tableware is perfect for accenting your Coachella birthday party. These rainbow tumblers by Meri Meri are a perfect match!
Add some dimension to your table with dried florals, like these pink pampas grass. We also love these stunning boho glass candle stick holders


Every Birthday party needs a cake! You can use a floral bouquet cake topper for your cake like this one by Meri Meri, or grab something like this cute cactus cake topper! If you'd rather do cupcakes, definitely get this adorable cactus cupcake kit with cute honeycomb cactus'! 

Party Favors

Pack your party favors in these adorable cactus treat boxes!


These fun rainbow sunglasses are made of paper and are a great alternative to party hats! A definite must have!
Set the Coachella vibe with a temporary tattoo & face paint station! Grab a variety of temporary tattoos, face paints and glitter & set up a cute station.

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