DIY Personalized Boho Sunglasses

DIY personalized boho sunnies! cute flower sunglasses personalized with beads and gems
Recently my daughter turned 7 years old!  We celebrated by going to the nail salon and out for dinner with a few of her friends.  To make their favour bags extra special, I got my creative juices flowing and DIY'd these personalized boho flower sunglasses!  Follow these simple steps to DIY your own sunglasses!

Here's what I used:

1. Flower Power Sunnies -  We wanted some boho hippie vibes at our party so we chose these super cute flower power sunnies! I chose the peach color, but they are available in black, pink, white and clear!

2. Epoxy - I used Gorilla Glue but any epoxy will work. I squirted it out onto a paper and spread it with a toothpick.

3. Letter Beads - I picked mine up at a local craft store.

4. Embellishments - We chose flower gems but this is where your creativity can really shine! You could use hearts, pastel flowers, stars. Basically anything that suites the vibe you want for your sunglasses!


How to:

1. Select the beads and embellishments you want to use.  I tried to preplan where the beads were going because I knew I had to work fast with the epoxy.

2. Prepare your glue - I squirt some of the epoxy onto a piece of scrap paper for easy access.

3. Use a toothpick to put a small amount of glue onto a bead, and place onto the sunglasses one by one. Epoxy takes about 5 minutes to set, so you do have some time to wiggle them around.

4. Once complete, let dry overnight.


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