Easter Celebrations with Kids

Easter is the time of year when we celebrate chocolate-eating bunnies and colorful eggs that mysteriously appear in our backyards. It's the perfect occasion to gather the little ones and embark on a journey of adorable Easter decorations, Easter activities, and of course, hunting for those sneaky Easter eggs. Easter planning and party inspo is easy with our party blog and party supply store

Decorating for Easter

First things first, let's talk decorations. Now, if you're anything like me, you may have a tendency to go a little overboard with the festive decor. I mean, who can resist cute bunny banners, Easter tableware & trendy flocked Easter bunnies? This year one of our most popular Easter decorations is our vintage Easter bunny line. The classic colors will be perfect year after year, and the vintage look will add a touch of nostalgia to you Easter celebrations! Pus this vintage Easter banner also has an entire matching Easter party plates & Easter tableware! Easter garlands and banners are a great way to decorate your home for Easter, and can be stored away and used again every year!

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is a time for kids to get creative and have some fun with all the egg-citing activities available. One of the most popular yearly Easter traditions is decorating Easter eggs! Kids get to go wild with their imaginations & create amazing painted eggs! One of my personal favorite ways to decorate Easter eggs is with these stunning Easter egg tattoos! Using tattoos by one of our favorite brands, Meri Meri partyware, is a mess free way to decorate your eggs. There are tons of other fun Easter activities available at our party supplies store in Vancouver, such as these adorable Easter egg tins, this cute Easter cross stitch kit and tons of other fun Easter activities you can find in our Easter party supplies collection!

Easter Brunch

One of the most important parts of your Easter celebration may be having a special Easter brunch for your kids. This is a great opportunity to check out our collection of Easter tableware! I’ve been obsessing with these adorable pastel check easter plates which coordinate perfectly with these Easter napkins - because everyone loves a matching set! 

Easter Dinner

If you want to keep it classy at your Easter dinner, but also want a quick an easy clean up - don’t forget about Easter paper plates! You can grab some boutique quality, classic paper plates as well as Easter paper napkins - your guests might not be able to tell you’re using disposable tableware! I personally love these bunny icon Easter dinner plates, with matching napkins and adorable Easter paper cups

Egg Hunt

But of course, the highlight of any Easter celebration is the egg hunt. This is where those sneaky little eggs come into play. Hide them around your house or backyard and let the kids loose in search of their treasures. It's like a real-life treasure hunt, minus the pirate ships and buried treasure. And let's be honest, watching them frantically search behind couches and under bushes is pure entertainment. Just don't forget to keep count of how many eggs you hid, or else you might end up with some stinky surprises months down the line. We have tons of adorable Easter baskets that would be perfect for a garden egg hunt at our boutique party shop, Pretty Day!
So there you have it - celebrating Easter with kids is a delightful combination of decorations, activities, and the never-ending quest for those elusive Easter eggs. Just remember to embrace the chaos and enjoy every moment. After all, you'll have plenty of time to clean up the confetti and find hidden eggs in your house until next Easter rolls around. If you want to check out everything else at our online party supplies store, click here!

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