Easy Fringe Backdrop DIY - Disco Cowgirl

Photo backdrops are all the rage right now.  Create your own by following a few simple steps outlined here on our Pretty Day party blog! Don't forget to check out our Last Disco blog post for inspiration! 
Disco cowgirl backdrop


Disco Cowgirl Backdrop Supplies:

Custom Glitter banner - First, design your custom glitter banner.  For our Disco Cowgirl back drop we wanted to stick with the cowgirl theme. We chose the phrase "Let's go girls" in silver block.  Our glitter banners are completely customizable & can include custom symbols and icons. 

Party Fans - We chose 6 fans in varying shades and colors of pink.  Our tissue paper party fans are available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors!  Tissue fans are a great, cost effective way to decorate for your Disco Cowgirl party!

Metallic Fringe Backdrop - We wanted to go for a bright rainbow feel with our metallic backdrop so we chose multiple shades.  You will need approximately 6 of our metallic backdrops.

Jumbo Disco Ball Balloon -  These disco ball balloons are eye catching and fun, grab a few of them here!

 disco cowgirl backdrop


1. Start with your fringe backdrops. Simply thread them onto string or a curtain rod. Try to alternate and spread out the different colors if you are using more than one.

2. Hang your party fans.  We always secure our party fans with paper clips.  This allows them to be completely reusable.  Layer your party fans until you get your desired look.

3. Add your glitter banner.  Now it's time to add your glitter banner! Assemble your glitter banner & hang it on top of the party fans. 

4. Add props. Blow up your jumbo disco ball balloons. Throw in some photobooth props and you're ready to snap away!


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