Elf on the Shelf Hacks! Last Minute Elf Ideas.


Elf on the shelf ideas
If you have a family scout elf, this is your reminder to be prepared! The Christmas Countdown is about to begin.
We've all done it, the last minute scramble to set up a fun and exciting adventure for your family scout elf.  The endless scrolling on google and pinterest for inspiration. The disappointed looks when your elf didn't move.. 
elf on the shelf ideas
Because many of us at Pretty Day have kids (and scout elves of our own), we know the struggle!  We've decided to make things easier for parents this year with Christmas Elf Made Easy cards!
easy elf on the shelf ideas
These easy elf cards are going to be a total lifesaver.  Each card contains a story or poem written from the perspective of the elf, along with cut-off instructions so parents can stage the scene! They're great if you're a last minute parent like me, always scrambling for quick elf on the shelf ideas!
elf on the shelf hacks
The ideas and stories are funny and cute, and easy to execute! Your kids will be entertained and laughing, there are even lots of fun naughty elf ideas! Don't worry, you wont be up baking cookies in the middle of the night. Kids love these funny elf on the shelf ideas.
elf on the self last minute
These elf on the shelf ideas are so easy and quick they take almost no prep work at all. They are perfect if you are busy (or disorganized like me) and need some last minute elf on the shelf ideas.

 Grab our Easy Elf on the Shelf cards here!

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