Happy Quarantine-O-Ween!

Happy Quarantine-O-Ween! - Paper & Parties Boutique

Happy Quarantine-O-Ween! - Paper & Parties Boutique

Celebrate Halloween safely at home this year with these creative ideas for kids! If you’re feeling uncomfortable with trick-or-treating this year, we invite you to create a safe and spooky Halloween at home with your little ones. There is still an opportunity to create lasting memories even without the traditional trick-or-treating! 

We know that many of your kiddos will be disappointed that they won’t be able to show off their costumes to their friends and head out into the neighbourhood in search of sugary loot. However, we think you can still have a memorable and fun evening at home with these simple ideas!


Halloween At Home, The Essential Guide:

1. Start the evening off with a spooky meal! Pinterest is packed with ghostly easy recipes that your children will be sure to love. Make dinner time extra special and memorable. Set the table, add some flameless candles, dim the lights and set the mood for a mysterious evening.

2. Do a halloween craft! After dinner set up a fun Halloween inspired craft. Stores like Michaels have pre-made craft kits geared towards various age groups.

3. Find some halloween classics and kid-friendly Halloween movies to watch on TV. The great pumpkin is a wonderful classic! Be sure to choose movies that capture the magic of Halloween without being too scary. 

4. Allow your kids to show off their costumes in a safe and responsible way. Video chat with family, friends and neighbours to share your costumes and wish each other a Happy Halloween. 

5. Have a Halloween dance party in the living room! Throw on some spooky tunes and get dancing. Glow sticks and accessories are the perfect way to make your dance party extra entertaining.

6. We can’t forget the candy! Although you may not be comfortable with going door to door to trick or treat. You can still create an exciting experience at home. In the same token as easter egg hunting. Stash candy around the house for your kiddos to run around and find. We also suggest swapping out other small favours for candy instead. This helps avoid a sugar overload and that is good for mom.

    We know this year has been especially tough for holidays. It can be extremely challenging to explain to kids, “why things are different this year”. However, we see this as a challenge. A chance to make new traditions, a chance to create new memories and a chance to get creative. 

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