Our Wedding Balloon Garland Experience

We all know that balloons are a pivotal component to most parties! Bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties and everything in between! But when it comes actual weddings, balloons definitely don't have as big of a presence. (Yet!) As modern and boutique style balloons gain increased popularity, I predict we will see them at more and more weddings! As one half of Paper & Parties Boutique, I knew that balloons needed to be front and centre at my wedding. 

After visiting the venue, I knew a balloon garland was the way to go. We felt that the organic shape of the garland would compliment the space well. With the wooden palette serving as the backdrop to both the nuptials and the reception, we agreed that the balloon garland was a fun and unique way to decorate the room. 

Wedding Balloon Garland - Paper & Parties Boutique

Even though we were having a winter wedding, I wanted to stay away from traditional holiday colours. Our wedding colours were pale blue, dusty peach and gold accents. I considered adding colour to the garland but Michelle said to skip it. She said the balloons should add to the decor but not take away from Evan and I. I'm glad I listened to her sage advice! Our garland included a simple combination pearl white, matte white and chrome gold balloons in varying sizes.

Wedding Balloon Garland - Paper & Parties Boutique

I am so thankful that our team of wedding coordinators, Nicole and Holly from Pop Up Weddings had experience setting up the balloon installation and also adding the fresh greenery. If you are considering a balloon garland for a wedding event, fresh florals is always an elegant touch.

In summary, we couldn't believe how much our guests loved the ballon garland! 

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