Plan a BOOchelorette Party!

Are you ready to plan the most unforgettable bachelorette party ever? Well, get ready to put a spooky twist on the traditional celebration because we are going to plan a BOOchelorette party that will leave everyone spellbound! 

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Mystical Raven Decorations

Hanging Bat Garland

DIY Custom Balloon Garland - Choose the colors perfect for your own custom balloon garland!

Jumbo Diamond Ring Balloon

Hocus Pocus Balloon

Custom SPOOKY bachelorette banner 

Gravestone Food Picks

Vintage Halloween Paper Plates

Black and White Stripe Fringe Napkins

Spooky Rat Cocktail Napkins

Mystical Stars Halloween Table Runner

Celestial Moon Napkins

Black Cat Plates

Spooky Bachelorette Photo Backdrop

First things first, let's set the scene. Every bachelorette party needs a perfect place to take photos with the bride to be and bridal party!  Snap the perfect shot at an Insta-worthy photo booth, guaranteed to make the bride-to-be and her entourage feel like the ultimate #squadgoals! To create an amazing spooky photo backdrop, start with something simple like these back party curtains & layer them on a wall.  From there I always love to add a substantial party decoration like a Halloween balloon garland or banner.  

Our custom balloon garland kit is perfect for those wanting to create a Instagram inspired garland at an affordable price. Choose your balloon colors and receive everything you need to create an epic garland.  I went with black and orange for our spooky bach inspo but there are plenty of great ideas for a Halloween balloon garland on google or Pinterest.

You can also add some cute bridal balloons to accessories your witch themed bachelorette party like these witch hats, diamond ring balloons and more! Check out our huge collection of foil balloons here!

Halloween Bach Decorations

Transform the bachelorette party venue into a mystical wonderland, complete with cobwebs, black cats, and cauldrons bubbling with potions. You need to grab the most viral Halloween decoration of the year - sticky wall bats.  

One of our most popular Bachelorette party decorations are our custom glitter banners! We have tons of fun & spooky options for a halloween bachelorette party here as well as an option for a custom glitter banner.

Create a Spooky Atmosphere with Glitter Ravens & Butterflies! Transform your space into a whimsical wonderland with our spellbinding Glitter Ravens & Butterfly combo!

Witchy Bachelorette Table Setting

For the table settings, use these spooky vintage black plates, napkins and us silver cutlery to add an elegant touch. Place small pumpkins and black candles as centerpieces to create an enchanting ambiance. You can even sprinkle some fake cobwebs on the tables for an extra spooky effect. And of course, no Halloween bach party is complete without a signature drink. Serve up some bewitching cocktails in cauldron-shaped glasses and garnish them with dry ice for that eerie smoke effect. To see our entire collection of Halloween tableware head to our collection here. 

Halloween Bachelorette Party Activities

Now, let's move on to the activities. I know what you're thinking, adults don't need activities. But how about a potion-making class? Hire a professional mixologist to teach the group how to create magical cocktails. From "Love Potion" martinis to "Witch's Brew" punch, these concoctions will have everyone under their spell. 

Another fun event for your bridal besties is to organize a tarot card reading session or hire a fortune teller to add an extra touch of mystery to the party.

So grab your broomsticks and get ready for a night of witchy fun! This Halloween themed bachelorette party is sure to be a hauntingly good time. From the decorations to the activities, every element will come together to create an atmosphere of magic and excitement. So gather your coven of bridesmaids and start planning an unforgettable and spooky bachelorette party that will leave everyone under your spell!



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