Plan a Fun LOL Surprise Doll Party!

Bright colors, leopard print balloons, pink confetti & sunnies?  What more could you need?! Throw the most perfect LOL surprise doll birthday party for a special someone in your life!

LOL Surprise Birthday Party Theme

1. Hot Pink Tissue Fan Garland - These stunning tissue fans are huge and create an amazing backdrop to any party.  The hot pink is bright and vibrant! They would make for perfect LOL Surpirse doll backdrop ideas and more!
2. Hot Pink Honeycomb Balls - Hang from the ceiling, fill your table, add to any LOL surprise backdrop you have DIY'd - these honeycomb balls are amazing, completely reusable and eco friendly.  Available in 3 sizes and TONS of colours! These tissue paper honeycomb balls are also known as paper balloons!
3. Jumbo LOL Surprise Doll Balloon - This 47' LOL Surprise Doll Balloon is, of course, the featured guest of the party! Throw her on a table or attach her to a balloon arch!
4. Ombre Pink Birthday Candles - Bright and sparkle-y candles are the perfect touch for your LOL surprise doll cake! 
5. Paper Treat Cups - Fill these cute ombre treat cups with popcorn, candy or any lol surprise food ideas you have!
6. Hot Pink Cake Stand - Display your LOL surprise cupcakes on an adorable melamine cake stand.  
7.  Leopard Print Plates - RAWR! Of course those LOL surprise dolls LOVE leopard print! Add some to your LOL surprise doll birthday party with these cute snow leopard print dinner plates.
8. Flower Power Sunglasses - OK, These sunnies are the perfect LOL surprise party favor!  Your party guests will leave happy and stylish with these super trendy flower sunglasses!
9. Hot Pink Party Plates -  These super cute hot pink plates are perfect to serve your LOL surprise dessert on! Shop them here. 
10. Glitter Confetti -  You can't host a totally pink & glittery birthday without the addition of confetti!  Our Lovestruck Heart confetti is perfect for your LOL party table ideas!
11. Black and Gold Paper Party Cups - These classic black & gold party cups are the perfect addition to your party decor!
12. Leopard Print Orb Balloon - Of course, as a final touch add some leopard print balloons to your LOL surprise birthday party!!
And there you have it! Everything you need to throw a perfect LOL Surprise doll birthday party! 
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