Plan an Amazing First Disco Party!

Planning a first birthday party is a big deal! Send your guests on an intergalactic disco journey by throwing a totally far out FIRST DISCO Birthday Party!

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At Pretty Day we know how important every celebration is.  Because of that we have created a simple list for you to follow to throw your own perfectly planned and decorated first birthday party! 

Jumbo Foil Disco Ball Balloon - Can't throw a first disco party without some disco balls! These foil balloon disco balls can be added to a balloon garland, thrown on a table for a centerpiece your guests will dig. 

Chrome Party Fans - These bright and sparkly party fans make the perfect backdrop. The best part - paper party fans are completely reusable for birthday parties to come. 

Silver Tinsel Chandelier - This gorgeous silver tinsel chandelier is a total show stopper! Perfect for a 1970s theme party and even more perfect for a space disco!

Hanging Planet Decorations - These adorable hanging planet decorations have SPACEDISCO written all over them - well not really, but they're perfect to hang from your space disco balloon garland!  Pick a custom balloon garland kit here.

Number & Letter Balloons - Create a stunning backdrop that says whatever you want! Ours says "1st disco"! 

Shop Jumbo Foil Number Balloons here.

Shop Foil Letter Balloons here.

Galaxy Dinner Plates - Tie your first disco together with these cut galactic dinner plates!

Galaxy Tumblers - Calling all space cadets! Galaxy tumblers are the perfect touch!

Astronaut Napkins - Why have plain napkins, when you can have sensational astronaut shaped creations? 

Tall Silver Candles - These stunning classic candles are the perfect touch to ad to your totally far out space disco cake!

Disco Ball Plates - We can't get enough of these glittery disco ball plates! These are absolutely the finishing touch for your First Disco birthday party! Use them for their intended purpose as plates, or hang them for a super rad disco look!

Alien Balloon - BEEP BOOP, UFO incoming. Add this cute alien balloon to your custom balloon garland!


And there you have it! Everything you need for a First Disco Birthday Party! Check out some of our other kids birthday party ideas here on our blog!

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