The Best Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas

If you're looking to create an unforgettable slumber party experience for your child and their friends, you've come to the right place. Let’s dive into creative ideas and the perfect party supplies to decorate for a sleepover birthday party that will leave the kids buzzing with excitement.

From dreamy and cozy tent setups to unique themes and decorations, we've got you covered. Imagine transforming your living room into a magical fort, complete with fairy lights and fluffy pillows, or setting up a glamorous spa station in your bathroom. With the right decorations and a touch of imagination, you can create a sleepover wonderland that will make your child's birthday celebrations truly memorable.

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You don’t have to pick a special theme when you’re throwing a slumber party but of course you can, if you want! I recently threw a Taylor Swift themed slumber party, and I’ve seen some absolutely adorable camping themed sleepover parties!

DIY Sleepover Party Decorations

Let's talk about the most important aspect of any party - the decorations! If you don’t have the budget for store-bought decorations, why not get creative and make your own? Trust me, it's way more fun and budget-friendly. You can start by transforming your living room into the prefect slumber party zone. Hang twinkling fairy lights from the ceiling and drape colorful streamers across the walls. Fluffy pillows and cozy blankets are a MUST for that ultimate sleepover vibe. Your friends will be impressed, and you'll feel like a DIY queen in the process! 


DIY-ing your own balloon garland is a great option for a budget friendly birthday party. You can use a premade balloon garland kit like this one or pick your own balloon colors with a Pretty Days custom balloon garland kit!

Slumber Party Food and Snacks


No sleepover party is complete without snacks and treats, right? So why not create a DIY snack bar? Set up a table with all sorts of delicious goodies like popcorn, chips, and candy. To make it extra special, you can personalize the snack bags with each guest's name using colorful markers or stickers. It's a small detail that will make everyone feel extra special. And hey, if you want to go the extra mile, you can even make a cute backdrop for your snack bar using balloons and streamers. Who said sleepovers can't be stylish? I like to keep party food simple, and a sleepover party is the perfect fit for ordering in you kiddos favorite food like sushi, pizza or chinese food! 

Sleepover Party Table

Serve up the snacks on these cute paper plates perfect for a slumber party or even a spa party! They fit the vibe perfectly. Setting the table for a sleepover party theme is like preparing for a battle. You need to strategically place the snacks and drinks so that they are easily accessible to the hungry army of friends. It's like a game of Tetris, trying to fit all the plates and cups without knocking down the tower of chips and dip. And let's not forget about the napkins, because we all know how messy sleepovers can get. It's like a secret mission to ensure that no one goes hungry or spills their soda all over the floor. So, grab your tablecloth and get ready to tackle the challenge of setting the table for a sleepover party theme!

Sleepover Party Activities

One thing to remember about throwing a slumber party is that you could potentially have the party guests for an extended period of time. To prevent boredom, you’re going to need to be loaded up with tons of activities for the kids. Here are some suggestions for sleepover party entertainment:

  1. Slime Making - this one is messy but ALL kids absolutely love crafting up slime together! 
  2. Pillow fights - this is a slumber party classic, but you can take it up a notch by blasting the birthday kids favorite tunes!
  3. Movie Marathons - let the party girl or boy pick their favorite movie series and binge them! 

Slumber Party Favors

Alright, let's talk about the most important part of any sleepover birthday party - the party favors and goodie bags! Now, we all know that a sleepover party is not complete without some awesome swag to take home. Some great slumber party themed favors can be things like hair scrunchies, sleep masks & a tiny compact. Of course you have to include some party must haves like candy!



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