Throw a Trendy Smiley Birthday Party!

Retro checkers, peace signs and smiley faces, need I say more? The Smiley Aesthetic is fun, bright and a total crowd pleaser.  We have created a curated collection of cute and groovy smiley birthday party supplies so you can focus on the fun stuff!

smiley aesthetic birthday party

1. Honeycomb Garlands - These honeycomb garlands from Meri Meri come in a pack of three and have the perfect vibe for your Smiley Face birthday party! Get them at Pretty Day.

2. Smiley Face Plates - The star of the show, these smiley face plates are a must.  Use them as plates or make a cute DIY smiley face garland by punching holes in the top and stringing them together!

3. Peach Checkered Plates - These stunning checkered plates give a totally groovy vibe! Available in multiple colors here!

4. Pastel Pink Cups Classic pink paper cups.

5. Felt Rainbow Garland - This beautiful fabric rainbow garland adds some color to your smiley face party!  Completely reusable for years to come.

6. Jumbo Daisy Balloon - GROOVY! Add this cute daisy balloon to your smiley party for a retro 60's look! Use a sharpie to add a smiley face to your balloon. 

7. Peace Sign Napkins - Peace, love and party! These peace sign napkins are the perfect pastel shade of peach for your smiley aesthetic party!

8. Wavy Candles - We absolutely LOVE these pastel wavy candles!

9. Rainbow Paper Party Glasses - Forget party hats! We have party glasses! These adorable rainbow party glasses match our felt rainbow garland! Get them here!


We hope that our collection of Smiley Aesthetic birthday party decorations helped you plan the most perfect Smiley Face birthday party! These decorations would also work great with a TWO GROOVY party theme - check out our TWO GROOVY blog post here.  



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