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I know what you're thinking - why do kids & pre-teens love Wednesday Addams & the spooky aesthetic?  As a mom to 4, I find myself wondering the same.  My kids have been throwing on their Wednesday Addams outfits, learning dance moves and fan-girling over Jenna Ortega! Despite all of this, I do not have the answer to why kids love Wednesday's spooky vibes, but I can help you throw a totally kid friendly Wednesday Addams Birthday Party!

wednesday addams birthday party theme

Backdrop Ideas

When I throw party, I like to start with the backdrop. This will be the main focus of the party and will really set the mood! For my Wednesday Addams photo backdrop I'm going with these fun black & iridescent fringe curtains.  I like grab a few of theses, in a couple colors, and layer them to add some dimension.  

jumbo balloon garland kit

From there, grab yourself a balloon garland.  Pictured above is this HUGE DIY Halloween balloon garland.  It comes with everything pictured and will work perfectly with the Wednesday Aesthetic we're going for! It even includes the jumbo spooky spider and bat balloon!

Another great option, for a Wednesday themed balloon garland is this custom balloon garland kit! You can pick the colors and assemble completely yourself!

 Set the Table

Let's get spooky! Setting the table at a birthday party is one of my favorite parts of decorating for a party.  I just love laying out the coordinating tableware and adding my own special touches.  For our Wednesday Addams aesthetic, I had to go with a black table cloth.  These paper table cloths are unique, because they are made completely out of paper! Grab this pinstriped table runner to roll down the center of your table.

Wednesday addams party table runner ideas

From there, start layering your tableware! I grabbed these spooky raven napkins, but you can use any spooky napkins that suit your theme.  These potion bottle napkins give great witchy vibes, or these black checked napkins

I layered these large dinner plates with these cute skull plates as a feature at our Wednesday Addams birthday party! There are so many spooky cute options for tableware, like these Halloween candy shaped plates or these spooky eyeball plates.

potion bottle napkins

I chose these light purple striped cups for our Wednesday Addams party because I wanted to really tie in the purple theme. There are plenty of choices of fun & spooky party cups to impress your guests, like these cute bat tumblers or get real fancy with our reusable diamond cut plastic tumblers.

Wednesday Addams Birthday Cake

We have seen so many fun and creative ideas for a Wednesday Addams birthday cake.  I especially love this cousin it cake by Tan Dulce on Pinterest

You MUST use these super tall silver candles, they're perfectly weird and perfect to add to a Wednesday birthday cake.  

Another must have for any birthday party is a reusable cake stand! I went with these pretty lilac cake stand for our Wednesday party. These are great to keep in your party-pantry to pull out for any cake-eating event! Check out these beautiful melamine cake stands here.


Grab some jumbo foil balloons to really bring on the spooky vibes. I love this huge purple bat balloon & this free standing spooky-cute haunted house balloon. You can really go any direction you want with fun balloons!

Now lets talk spiderwebs! Of course creepy spiderwebs are a must for the perfect Wednedsay Addams aesthetic, so I grabbed a few packs of these colorful spiderwebs.  We have them in purple, orange, black and white.

love this huge hanging spiderweb decoration.  It's designed for a fireplace mantle, but you can use it as part of your backdrop or even a table runner!

Another classic spooky decoration to add to your Wednesday Addams Party are these super fun hanging bats. Grab a bunch of packs and hang them all over! Also check out these glitter wall bats! 

Wednesday Addams birthday party

Wednesday Addams Outfit

Of course all little kids love to aspire to be just like Jenna Ortega in the Wednesday series.  I found some adorable Wednesday Addams outfits like this kids Wednedsay Addams dress.

For something more simple, I love this "We prefer Spooky" Wednesday Addams t-shirt

wednesday addams t shit




I could go on endlessly with ideas for a Wednesday Addams birthday party! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post! If you're looking for more, check out our entire section of Halloween party supplies!

If you're looking for other party themes, ideas and even venue's check out our party blog !


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