Barbie Party Decorations and DIY's!

Are you ready to throw the most fabulous Barbie-themed birthday party ever? Get ready to dive into the world of the bright pink Barbie aesthetic and let your imagination run wild with these exciting party ideas! From decorations to activities, we've got you covered to make this birthday party a memorable one for your Barbie Girl or Boy! 

The NEW live action barbie movie comes out in a few short weeks, on July 21st so get prepped to create your own barbie dreamhouse.


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If you're looking for BARBIE PARTY FAVORS head to that blog here! Keep scrolling for easy shoppable links! 

 If a Barbie Birthday Party isn't what you had in mind and you still need some kids birthday party inspo, check out our entire party blog for a comprehensive list of party themes, birthday party venues and DIY's!

barbie party decoration ideas


The Barbie aesthetic is all about glamour, style, and of course, pink! We have also included some simple barbie party activities and games, including a super fun idea for a PINK barbie hair activity! There are tons of way you can go with barbie, so check out our other barbie themes!


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DIY Custom Balloon Garland - Grab our custom balloon garland kit with the following colors: Fuchsia, Medium Pink & Light Pink.

Small Spikey Star Balloons

Mini Star Balloons

Barbie Logo Balloon

Jumbo Rollerskate Balloon

Custom Phrase Balloon Garland

Eco Friendly Paper Table Cloth in White

Pink Confetti

Faux Grass Table Runner - 🔥🔥HOT ITEM!!🔥🔥

Honeycomb Balls in various shades & sizes - I used hot pink and light pink.

Mini Honeycombs in hot pink and light pink.

Holographic Paper Plates

Silver Tumblers

Pink Checkered Paper Plates 

Hot Pink Napkins

Pale Pink Scalloped Napkins

Pink Wooden Cutlery

Mini Sun Jellies in berry pink and bubblegum pink.

Daisy Sunglasses

Holographic Visors

Pink Fabric Bunting

Barbie Balloon Garland

Barbie Balloon Garland

Instagram aesthetic, here we come! We created this epic Barbie balloon garland using our custom balloon garland kit here at Pretty Day! This balloon garland kit is completely DIY - which also means its affordable! You can choose whichever balloon colors you would like, but for our barbie party I went with three shades of pink - Fuchsia, Medium Pink & Light Pink.  This garland would look super cute with chrome silver balloons, and white as well!

barbie birthday balloons

But don't stop there! We are going for an over the top, in your face barbie look so accessories are a MUST.  Grab some fun coordinating foil balloons like this huge roller skate balloon! Your girl barbie, LOVES to roller skate! And don't forget the iconic Barbie logo balloons!

These jumbo spikey star balloons are great to add to any DIY balloon garland, as well as our tiny star balloons! Barbie Vibes!!

 barbie party balloon garland phrase


Hot Trend Alert! 🔥🔥 Our customers are absolutely OBSESSED with our custom phrase balloon garlands! Pick your phrase and order it here!

Barbie Party Supplies

barbie birthday party decorations

Let's get into the decorations for our Barbie aesthetic party! The key to creating the perfect Barbie aesthetic is to go all out with pink, pink, and more pink! For our Barbie centerpiece, we had to display Barbie herself! We grabbed a cute barbie car and popped in on a cake stand for some height. We have an entire collection of acrylic cake stands here

barbie centerpiece

From there we added some of my personal favorite party decoration of all time, paper honeycombs! I love these fun decorations for a few reasons. These are made from cardboard and paper, and can be recycled so you don't need to stress about your environmental footprint while using them, they're a big and substantial decoration AND they are completely reusable if you close them with a paper clip! For Barbie birthday party decorations we went with three shades of pink and some fun mirror balls.

Barbie Party Food Ideas

barbie party food

I always like to keep it simple when planning food for a birthday party. Party guests are usually too excited to be focusing on the food, but I decided to stick with reds and pinks for our Barbie party food.  I grabbed this cute pink popcorn from the grocery store, and popped it in these adorable mini food cups. I also adorned simple rice krispie squares with sprinkles & created these cute DIY barbie fruit skewers! 

barbie party theme

Barbie Birthday Cake

barbie birthday cake

Easy mom hack!🚨🚨  For kids birthday parties I always head to my local grocery store, and grab the most simple cake I can! Sometimes they have small add-on's that are easy to remove (sprinkles, icing rosettes etc.). From there just top your cake with some cute barbie cake toppers, pretty candles and maybe even a barbie herself! 

barbie birthday cupcakes

We popped these store bought cupcakes into our mini food cups too!

Barbie Party Theme Table Setting

barbie birthday theme party table

I am SO happy with how this adorable barbie party theme table setting turned out! I started with layering a faux grass table runner over one of our eco friendly table covers. 

Barbie table decorations

I chose these iridescent silver dinner plates & our super popular pink checkered dessert plates! I used our pastel pink scalloped napkins and wrapped up some wooden cutlery, and then popped a hot pink napkin in our silver tumblers!  I love how the entire barbie party table turned out! 

barbie table setting

Barbie Party Activities

barbie party activities

Ok, here is the part I'm excited about.  I had the most fun planning these barbie themed activities. 

barbie party activities

I set up a Barbie beauty station where guests could get pampered just like their favorite doll!

barbie party activities

I provided a fun braiding station, because I'm loving the new braided mermaid hair trend - but I put a barbie spin on it and stuck with pink faux hair for a cute pink barbie braiding station!

 barbie hair braiding activity

You can also include variety of colorful nail polishes, glittery body lotions, and temporary tattoos for the guests to choose from! Use your balloon garland as a backdrop for your barbie photo booth, so that guests can capture their glamorous transformations.

barbie party activity

I also wanted some fun personalized accessories, that can double as a party favor so I went with these totally Barbie worthy visors! PS- Use these for a bachelorette party if you're having a Barbie themed party for adults! I grabbed some cute beads, and let the kids go to town creating a fun personalised visor.

personalized barbie visors diy

Barbie Party Favors

barbie party favors

I LOVE using these adorable Sun Jellies for party favors for basically all party themes, but they definitely hit the mark for our Barbie party ideas! I grabbed these cute mini bags in light pink & hot pink. 

barbie birthday party favors


 With these Barbie party decorations and ideas, you are well on your way to throwing a birthday party that will be the talk of the town. So grab your pink glitter and get ready to unleash your inner Barbie. It's time to party in style!
I hope you enjoyed my Barbie Aesthetic Birthday Party blog post! If you are looking for more Barbie themes check out my Malibu Barbie party blog post! For more party inspo head over to my party blog for tons of fun party theme ideas and local party venues! We also have party supplies for a Barbie theme adult party!

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