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Are you throwing a Barbie themed party and are looking for the ultimate party favors? Look no further! We threw a fun party inspired by Barbie the Movie this spring, and our party favors were a major hit! I've got some amazing party favor ideas that will make your guests feel like they are living in a Barbie world!
barbie party favors

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Mini Retro Jelly Basket in Berry

Mini Retro Jelly Basket in Bubblegum

Daisy Sunglasses

Don't Worry Bead Happy Bracelet

Click Pens

Barbie Inspired Tattoos


Barbie party favors


Start with your party favor bags.  These mini retro baskets by Sun Jellies are the perfect size for party treats. You can grab them in a huge variety of colors but for our Barbie party, I chose shades of pink! 

sun jellies party favor

First up, why not go for personalized Barbie bracelets? You can make these as part of a Barbie party craft, or just DIY them in advanced yourself.  A personalized gift makes each party goer feel special!
I grabbed a few basic candies to add to our Barbie party favors.  I went with PINK candy, like mini strawberries & Swedish berries.  Because the new barbie movie is so popular, there is no shortage of Barbie themed candy!

Barbie party favors

The Barbie girl theme of our party was taken to the next level with the addition of these adorable Daisy sunglasses as party favors. The kids absolutely loved them and they became a major hit, adding an extra touch of fun and excitement to our celebration. 

Barbie party tattoos

For the real fun stuff, I added these Barbie themed temporary tattoos & cute click pens like these. 


Head over to our huge selection of fun & unique party favors for more easy party planning.


So, if you're planning a Barbie themed party and are in need of some amazing party favors, these ideas are sure to make your party the talk of the town. From personalized bracelets to trendy tattoos, there's something for every Barbie lover out there. Get ready for a party that will have your guests saying "Barbie-tastic!"

If you need more inspiration for a Barbie themed birthday party head over to our Barbie blog post for more inspo!

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